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XMarks vs. Delicious vs. Diigo vs. Google Chrome

That heading is a bit misleading if you’re looking for an article that compares these 4 methods for synchronizing your browser bookmarks. I didn’t really try Diigo and I barely tried Delicious. I have spent some time recently with my bookmarks and I decided to go with Xmarks. I’ll explain why in my bullet points below, but for the most part, I wanted a way to arrange my bookmarks with a folder structure rather than tags. That style just works better for me even though I do see some advantages to the tagging method.

Google Chrome

  • As much as I love Google Chrome and the way that it syncs my settings between computers, I was not happy with the way it was syncing my bookmarks. Often they were out of sync and sometimes it was deleting my recently added bookmarks. After reading some forum postings, it seems that this is a common problem so I began looking for something better.


  • I looked into this one but I didn’t try it. It looks like it would be great for collecting things to read later, etc., but I just wanted something to save and sync my bookmarks.


  • I tried this and I liked some aspects. It was very easy to add a bookmark with comments and tags.
  • It has a free mobile app
  • This doesn’t sync with your browser bookmarks. It stores them “in the cloud” and you find them by searching or by clicking on one of your tags.
  • Delicious would be a good choice if you want to share your bookmarks.


  • This stores your bookmarks “in the cloud” and you can get to them by going to from any computer, but it also syncs to your browser bookmarks by installing a plug-in.
  • This allows you to arrange your bookmarks with your web browser using its built-in folder structure.
  • Downside – the mobile app requires you to upgrade to the premium version ($12/year). Boo. I guess if you were desperate you could browse to from your mobile device. Then again, I guess $1/month is reasonable.

I’m sure there are other bookmark managers out there, but for now, Xmarks is working for me. Also, I should mention that after switching to Xmarks, I went to my Google Chrome settings and turned off syncing bookmarks so that Google and Xmarks wouldn’t step on each others’ toes.

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