Genealogy Tech Tools – Series 5: Using Evernote for a Research Log

Introduction Two years ago I showed how to use Google Docs (spreadsheet) for a research log. I stopped using that method and switched to Evernote. I like the flexibility of Evernote. Using a spreadsheet seemed restrictive to me. Sometimes I … Continue reading

Genealogy Tech Tools – Series 2: Evernote, Notes (and other things) in the Cloud

Evernote Evernote allows you to save just about anything that you’d like to remember for easy retrieval any time and from anywhere. Your notes are in the cloud and can be accessed by a web browser, the client application that … Continue reading

Genealogy Tech Tools – Series 1: Dropbox, Having Your Files in the Cloud

This series of articles will focus on some technical tools that I’ve found useful. These are not necessarily product reviews. I’m just sharing information about some tools that have worked for me. These are my own experiences and my own … Continue reading

File Naming Convention for Digital Photos, Scans, and Documents

03/07/2014 – After writing this article, I have slightly modified my naming convention for the following reasons. I’ve made some updates to this article and crossed out my old conventions. I didn’t like how long the file names were getting. … Continue reading