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FamilySearch Indexing Tips

Here’s a simple indexing tip you might want to try when indexing a batch of similar documents such as birth or death records. Instead of indexing all of the information for the one image before moving to the next, work in a columnar fashion moving between the images for each related column (or columns) of data. This allows you to focus on one piece of information at a time while quickly going up and down through the images. Usually the image will be positioned on that informational item so you won’t be scrolling up and down the image as often. You can also turn on the ruler so that your area of interest on the image is highlighted (View, Show Ruler).

In these screen shots for example, I’m indexing only the father’s names for each image. Then I’ll go upwards through the 10 images and index the mother’s names, and so on. Give it a try and let me know what you think.



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