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Genealogy Tech Tools – Series 2: Evernote, Notes (and other things) in the Cloud


Evernote allows you to save just about anything that you’d like to remember for easy retrieval any time and from anywhere. Your notes are in the cloud and can be accessed by a web browser, the client application that synchronizes your notes to your PC, or your mobile device. A note can be text that you type, a picture, an audio file, or the contents of a web page.

Client Application: By installing the client application, you can edit your notes and they will automatically be synchronized to the cloud and with your other PCs that have the client application installed. This is not required. You can still edit your notes with a web browser.

Browser Plugins:

Install the Evernote Web Clipper plugin and while browsing a web site, you can click on the plugin icon to capture the web page or the URL for the page. If you select something on the web page and then click on the plugin icon, you can clip just that selection of the web page.

Check out the Evernote Clearly plugin. This will take a news article or blog post and remove the ads and extras leaving you with a nicely formatted article that is easier to read and/or print.

Summary of Features:

  • Free! (100,000 notes, each note can be a maximum of 25 megabytes or 50mb for Premium users, 250 syncronized notebooks, 10,000 tags, 100 saved searches)
  • Email directly to your custom Evernote address to store them directly into your account
  • Ability to have sub-notebooks. They’re called “stacks”. Just drag a notebook onto another notebook and it is stacked below it, like a sub-folder
  • Find things quickly by doing a search
  • Easily share notes with others. Just right-click the note and choose Share. Then choose to share by Email, Facebook, Twitter, or copy the URL which can added as a link in a blog post or web site.

How I Use It: Anything that I want to remember, I type into various notes under categories of notebooks. I have some notes that I keep updated as a to do list with my action items. If I see a web site that I would like to save, I capture it as a note. That way, if the content changes on that site, I still have an archived copy. I use a shared URL to this note to share with others. My genealogy research notes/logs are often done with Evernote. This way my notes are always accessible.

There are hundreds of clever ways to use Evernote. I’ve only scratched the surface with this article. What are some of the ways that you use Evernote?

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