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Genealogy Tech Tools – Series 3: Create a Blogging Web Site

There are several ways to create a blogging web site, many of which are free. I will not attempt to do an exhaustive review of each. Instead, I will simply mention three choices that I’m familiar with. I will also not go into much detail on their features since there are several other posts out there that you can find for this information. I will just hit some key points.

Google’s Blogger

  • Option 1 –
  • Option 2 – point your own domain to your blog site
  • several templates to choose from
  • really geared towards blogging, not as many options if you want to set up both a blog and and a web site with additional pages

  • Option 1 –
  • Option 2 – For a fee, you can point your own domain to your blog site
  • several templates to choose from
  • some plugins/widgets are available but you cannot install additional ones
  • geared towards blogging but you can set up other pages and make this more like a full web site
  • great way to go if you don’t care to get “under the hood”

  • Only Option –
  • Software is free but you must have your own web site or a hosted web site. Many hosting providers allow an easy installing of which will step you through creating your MySQL database, etc.
  • Requires a MySQL database and PHP
  • even more templates to choose from with the ability to fully customize them
  • install as many plugins/widgets as you would like
  • If you like to get “under the hood” and you already are set up with a web hosting provider, this is the way to go (I’m using which is hosted by

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