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Sleep Better at Night After Sort Ordering the Sources on FamilySearch Family Tree

1 March 2019 – This is no longer necessary. You can now sort sources chronologically and add dates to sources if necessary. Much better!!! Thanks FamilySearch.

I recently learned a cool trick and I love it! You can change the order of the sources on an individual’s Person page on the Family Tree database on While I’m at it, I rename the source title so that the year of the event/source is at the front. This helps me to sort them and it’s much more visually appealing. I think it really helps to see my sources listed sequentially by the date of the event.

If you’ve been using the Family Tree on, I’m sure you’ve seen the list of sources that are listed as part of the Person page. Most of these sources are named automatically and they’re fairly descriptive, but  when you have a long list of them, it’s kind of ugly to look at. See below.

First, rename the source title. Just leave what’s there and add the year of the event at the front of the source title. I also like to add a space, a dash, and another space. I also add a reason for my change and just type “Renaming source titles for better organization”. I copy this text so that each time I can just press Ctrl-V and paste it so I don’t have to type the reason each time.

Second, use the arrows to the right of the source to sort them as needed. This is a bit tedious. It reminds me of those little handheld puzzles where you had to sort the tiles one at a time.

When you’re done, you’ll have a much more appealing list of sources and it helps you to see what sources might be missing.

Someone else shared an idea that involves putting in dividers and grouping your sources by categories. You can go to your Source Box and create some sources for this purpose. See below. Then you would attach these sources to an individual from your source box and then move the sources up and down so that they are below these dividers. Interesting idea.

Good luck and let me know if you have other tips that I should know about. 🙂


05/09/2017 – I just learned that you can drag the sources up and down in addition to using the arrows. You have to click on the source but don’t let go of your mouse button. Then you can drag the source up and down and place it exactly where you want it. Cool!!!!

Calvin Knight

I have always been intrigued with the process of finding information about my ancestors. I also love learning new ways to implement technology. By day I'm a database developer.

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