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101 Had twin sisters that died in the bombing of Hiroshima in 1945. Nakahara, Sakae (I433)
102 Honorable Discharge, Army of the United States, 39-943-789 Private, Airborne Center Training Detachment, Fort Bragg, North Carolina, discharge given at Fort Douglas, Utah. Hall, Lynn Stringham (I12)
103 http://bit.ly/1Eh9wDK Source (S45)
104 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saint_Joseph,_Missouri Atwood, Miner Grant (I371)
105 http://pilot.familysearch.org/recordsearch/start.html#surname=Haynes;birthPlace=South%20Dakota%2C%20United%20States;birthYear=1882;fatherGivenName=daniel;givenName=elbert;fatherSurname=haynes;birthPlaceId=45;searchId=82603268669249780000;searchType=fuzzy;p=recordResults Source (S7)
106 http://search.ancestry.com/search/db.aspx?dbid=60198 Source (S80)
107 https://familysearch.org/search/collection/1438856 Source (S82)
108 https://familysearch.org/search/collection/1614804 Source (S67)
109 https://familysearch.org/search/collection/1747615 Source (S9)
110 https://www.dropbox.com/s/5vyj3fy0okqlrfl/Finch_Manerva_bAbout1811_MarriageRegister_01.jpg?dl=0
Her brother, James Madson Finch was married a few days later on the 19th. 
Family F226
111 https://www.dropbox.com/s/o0e34rdmzlk6xio/Finch_James_b1810_18290919_MarriageRegister_01.jpg?dl=0 Family F221
112 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I823)
113 IGI records indicate the date of 4 May 1856. Knight, James Allen (I289)
114 IGI, SS: 21 Mar 2001 LANGE Family F13
115 James M Finch, 40, M, b-New York [1810]
Nancy G Finch, 37, F, b-Ohio [1813]
Thomas Finch, 17, M, b-Ohio, laborer [1833]
Minerva L Finch, 14, F, b-Iowa [1836]
John D Finch, 11, M, b-Ohio [1839]
James B Finch, 9, M, b-Ohio [1841]

image - https://www.dropbox.com/s/8re1x8kzsq0ngd3/Finch_James_b1810_1850Census_01.jpg?dl=0 
Finch, James Madison (I543)
116 Length of residence - 55 years (according to death certificate) Knight, John Allen (I9)
117 Listed as 12 but I think he would have been 13. His grandma Olive Glenn, age 64 is living with them. Knight, Harvey Milton (I5)
118 Listed as 6/12 months on 1880 census which is dated the 9th & 10th of June, 1880. Thus, his birthdate would probably be Dec 1879. Finch, Harvey (I562)
119 Lists birth as May 1886, not consistent with death certificate Haynes, Elbert (I69)
120 Living next to Emma Galbrath [Galbraith], Homer's mother I believe, and Bert Haynes, Homer's older brother. Haynes, Norma LaRue (I6)
121 Lodger in Maeser at age 23 (listed as 22 on the census). My dad (Harvey Larry Knight) said that he worked at the Maeser Store. Living as a "lodger" with Lillie Singleton, 56-year old widow and her two children and another lodger. Knight, Harvey Milton (I5)
122 microfilm 6101567 - 6101572 and on microfiche Source (S22)
123 Names on Census:
Alexander (head) (age 41, born Nov 1858)
Elizabeth A (wife) (age 39, born Nov 1860 ), married 22 years
Elizabeth M (age 18, born Sep 1881)
Ether L (age 16, born Feb 1884)
Morrill, Ines B (age 10, born Jul 1891)
Effie J (age 7, born Aug 1893)

Alexander's father born: Vermont
Alexander's mother born: Canada - English
Elizabeth's father born: Tennessee
Elizabeth's mother born: Tennessee
(all others born in Utah) 
Morrill, Inez Blanche (I332)
124 Names on Census:
Barnson, Inez B., Lodger, age 37
Barnson, Vera E., Lodger, age 13
Barnson, Valden, Lodger, age 7 
Barnson, Valden A. (I378)
125 NamesInStone.com
Grave Location: K_7_13_1E 
Knight, James Allen (I289)
126 Need to confirm this date. Got it from FamilySearch Family Tree. Family F50
127 Not found in the Social Security Death Index Knight, Harvey Milton (I5)
128 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I361)
129 Ported in Castle Garden, New York (southern tip of Manhattan Island which is now Battery Park)
Atwood, Miner Grant (I371)
130 Residence at time of death Knight, Charles LeRoy (I7)
131 Scanned and part of the online Google Books collection. Source (S25)
132 Several online trees list birth as 27 Sep 1838. Some list Union City, Union, Ohio as birth place. Need to verify. Sager, Polly Plymet (I344)
133 She divorced and remarried Morris. Family F50
134 Test note for John Redin Sargent. Sargent, John Redin (I409)
135 The 1930 Census contains records for approximately 123 million Americans. The census gives us a glimpse into the lives of Americans in 1930, and contains information about a household's family members and occupants including: birthplaces, occupations, immigration, citizenship, and military service.

The census can be a valuable tool to use when researching your twentieth-century ancestors because it contains records for approximately 123 million Americans. If you had family in the United States during the early twentieth century, you are likely to find at least one relative's information within these census records. This makes the 1930 census a good place to start research if you are a beginner, or if your family, vital, or religious records are missing. 
Source (S53)
136 This database is an every name index to individuals enumerated in the 1920 United States Federal Census, the Fourteenth Census of the United States. In addition, the names of those listed on the population schedule are linked to actual images of the 1920 Federal Census, copied from the National Archives and Records Administration microfilm, T625, 2,076 rolls. (If you do not initially find the name on the page that you are linked to, try a few pages forward or backward, as sometimes different pages had the same page number.)

This new index (released 2005) maintains the old head of household index and adds to it a new every name index (including a re-keying of the heads of households). As a result, for many heads of households you will see two names - a primary, and an alternate. The primary name is the newly keyed name. The alternate name is the name as it appeared in the original head of household only index. Alternate names are only displayed when there is a difference in the way the name was keyed between the two indexes. By making both names available to researchers, the likelihood of your being able to find your head of household ancestor has increased. Likewise, researchers who were once able to find their head of household ancestor under a particular spelling will still be able to easily find that ancestor. 
Source (S52)
137 Thomas W Finch, 37, farmer, b-Ohio [1833]
Polly P, 32, keeps house, b-Ohio [1838]
1-Dellia G, 9, at school, b-Iowa [1861]
2-Nettie G, 8, at school, b-Iowa [1862]
3-Ella M, 7, at school, b-Iowa [1863]
4-James O, 6, at school, b-Iowa [1864]
5-Nancy E, 4, at home, b-Iowa [1866] [listed as "Anna" on 1880 census]
6-Clara M, 3, at home, b-Iowa [1867]
7-Marinda C, 1, at home, b-Iowa [1869]
8-Willie, 2/12, at home, b-Iowa, Apr 1870

image - https://www.dropbox.com/s/r5bbowngvqt12o1/Finch_Thomas_b1832_1870Census_01.jpg?dl=0 
Finch, Thomas W. (I343)
138 Thomas W Finch, 68, M, Head, b-Ohio, Aug 1832, years married: 42, blacksmith
Polly P Finch, 62, F, Wife, b-Ohio, Sep 1838, mother of 12 children, 11 living [why not 13/12 children?]
Hardy M Finch, 20, M, Son, b-Iowa, Dec 1880, single, miner (gold)
Watson Lloyd, 8, M, Grandson, b-Nebraska, Oct 1892

Address: 605 Diamond Avenue

image - https://www.dropbox.com/s/21a8mj5a03q2bll/Finch_Thomas_b1832_1900Census_01.jpg?dl=0 
Finch, Thomas W. (I343)
139 Thos Finch, 47, farmer, b-Ohio [1833]
Polly, 41, wife, keeping house, b-Ohio [1839]
1-Della, daughter, 20, at service?, b-Iowa [1860]
2-Nettie, daughter, 18, at home, b-Iowa [1862]
3-Ella, daughter, 17, at service?, b-Iowa [1863]
4-James, son, 16, farm laborer, b-Iowa [1864] [indexed as Jonie Finch]
5-Anna, daughter, 14, at home, b-Iowa [1866] [this is really Nancy Emmaline]
6-Clara, daughter, 12, at home, b-Iowa [1868]
7-Miranda?, daughter, 11, b-Iowa [1869] [indexed as Mranda Finch]
8-William, son, 10, b-Iowa [1870]
9-David, son, 7, b-Missouri [1873]
10-Rose, daughter, 5, b-Missouri [1875]
12-Gertrude, daughter, 4, b-Missouri [1876]
13-Harvey, son, 6/12, b-? [1880]
14-Hardy, son, 6/12, b-Iowa? [1880]

image - https://www.dropbox.com/s/s5svzj5hpyrgsv2/Finch_Thomas_b1832_1880Census_01.jpg?dl=0 
Finch, Thomas W. (I343)
140 Utah, Carbon, Kenilworth
ED 4-13
Sheet 5A
14 April 1930
Lines 28-31
McMillen, Edward H, Head, 65, M-32, Ohio, Scotland, Scotland [should be Germany I think], Stationary Engineer, Coal Mine
McMillen, Lula A, Wife, 58, M-24, Utah, Illinois, Illinois
McMillen, Thelma, Daughter, 17, Utah, Ohio, Utah
McMillen, Anna Lois, Granddaughter, 7, Utah, Utah, Denmark
source - https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.1.1/XH6W-LMJ?from=lynx1&treeref=LHNN-27S
image - https://www.dropbox.com/s/xbbs6y7c4n6ezq9/McMillen_Edward_H_b1863_1930Census_01.jpg?dl=0 
McMillen, Edward H. (I45)
141 Utah, Carbon, Scofield
ED 33
Sheet 18B
Lines 76-83
16 April 1910
Mcmillian, Edward H, Head, 47, Ohio, Scotland, Germany, Engineer, Coal Mine, M1-13
Mcmillian, Lula E, Wife, 38, Utah, Pennsylvania, Illinois, M2 (is this Lula's 2nd marriage?)
Mcmillian, Edward, Son, 10, Utah, Pennsylvania [should be Ohio], Utah
Mcmillian, Hyrum, Son, 8, Utah, Pennsylvania [should be Ohio], Utah
Mcmillian, Robert, Son, 3, Utah, Pennsylvania [should be Ohio], Utah
Mcmillian, Mabel, Daughter, 12, Utah, Pennsylvania [should be Ohio], Utah
Mcmillian, Lydia, Daughter, 6, Utah, Pennsylvania [should be Ohio], Utah
Mcmillian, Melba, Daughter, 1, Utah, Pennsylvania [should be Ohio], Utah
source - https://familysearch.org/ark:/61903/1:1:M5XS-P11
image - https://www.dropbox.com/s/56yf3v87dvnag34/McMillen_Edward_H_b1863_1910Census_01.jpg?dl=0 
McMillen, Edward H. (I45)
142 Utah, Carbon, Sunnyside
ED 40
Sheet 1A
10 January 1920
Lines 40-47
McMillen, Edward H, Head, 55, Ohio, Scotland, Pennsylvania [should be Germany I think], Engineer, Coal Mine
McMillen, Lula A, Wife, 47, Utah, Illinois, Illinois
McMillen, Edward, Son, 21, Utah, Ohio, Utah
McMillen, William H, Son, 18, Utah, Ohio, Utah
McMillen, Lydia, Daughter, 16, Utah, Ohio, Utah
McMillen, Hilton, Son, 13, Utah, Ohio, Utah
McMillen, Melba, Daughter, 11, Utah, Ohio, Utah
McMillen, Thelma, Daughter, 7, Utah, Ohio, Utah
source - https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.1.1/M8P6-PMN?from=lynx1&treeref=LHNN-27S
image - https://www.dropbox.com/s/b0zkhggf8be7kes/McMillen_Edward_H_b1863_1920Census_01.jpg?dl=0 
McMillen, Edward H. (I45)
143 Utah, Carbon, Sunnyside Precinct, Mining Town
ED 24
Sheet 18B
30 April 1910
Lines 98-100
Galbraith, Richard, Head, 56, Illinois, Indiana, Virginia, Farmer, on Farm
Galbraith, Emma, Wife, 43, Iowa, Indiana, Maine
Haynes, Homer, Stepson, 21, Nebraska, Ohio, Iowa, Farmer, on Farm [indexed as Hagnes, Homer]
source - https://familysearch.org/ark:/61903/1:1:M5XS-VZM
image - https://www.dropbox.com/s/j9gknm90tcie60k/Haynes_Homer_Hammer_b1889_1910USCensus_01.jpg?dl=0 
Haynes, Homer Hammer (I28)
144 Utah, Carbon, Sunnyside Precinct, Sunnyside Town
ED 40
Sheet 8A
14 January 1920
Lines 32-34
Haynes, Homer, Head, 29, Nebraska, Ohio, Nebraska [should say Iowa], weighman, coal mine
Haynes, Mabel, Wife, 22, Utah, Ohio, Utah
Haynes, Genevieve, Daughter, 1, Utah, Nebraska, Utah 
Haynes, Homer Hammer (I28)
145 Utah, Carbon, Winter Quarters Precinct
ED 87
Sheet 17A
26 June 1900
Lines 43-48
McMillin, Edward H, Head, May 1866, 34, M-5, Ohio, Scotland, Germany, Coal Miner
McMillin, Lula, Wife, March 1872, 28, M-5, 6-5, Utah, Illinois, Illinois
McMillin [Allred], Almiro, Daughter, Sep 1890, 9, Utah, Ohio, Utah, at school
McMillin [Allred], John N, Son, Aug 1892, 7, Utah, Ohio, Utah, at school
McMillin, Mabel E, Daughter, Nov 1897, 2, Utah, Ohio, Utah
McMillin, Sydney E, Son, Dec 1899, 0 - 5mo., Utah, Ohio, Utah [possibly died before the 1910 census]
source - https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.1.1/MMRJ-YCF?from=lynx1&treeref=LHNN-27S
image - https://www.dropbox.com/s/13n0prjsxc98d28/McMillen_Edward_H_b1863_1900Census_01.jpg?dl=0 
McMillen, Edward H. (I45)
146 Utah, Uintah, Gusher, Precinct 18, Moffatt
ED 24-20 (or 24-10)
Sheet 1A
April 29
Lines 32-35
Haynes, Homer H, Head, 50, Widowed, Nebraska, Post Master, US Mail
Haynes, LaRue, Daughter, 18, Single, Utah, Clerk, Mercantile
Haynes, Emma Lou, Daughter, 16, Single, Utah,
Haynes, Edward, Son, 14, Single, Utah
source - https://familysearch.org/ark:/61903/1:1:VT4H-VYP
image - https://www.dropbox.com/s/u68vx9pf2ud2cbn/Haynes_Homer_Hammer_b1889_1940USCensus_01.jpg?dl=0 
Haynes, Homer Hammer (I28)
147 Utah, Uintah, Uintah Indian Res., that part in Moffat Precinct
ED 24-7
Sheet 1A
April 2&3
Street - State High way, graveled
Dwelling 6, Family 7, Lines 26-31
Haynes, Homer H., Head , 40, Married @28, Nebraska, Ohio, Iowa, Chauffeur, Truck Driver
Haynes, Mabel, Wife, 32, Married @20, Utah, Ohio, Utah
Haynes, Genevieve, Daughter, 11, Utah, Nebraska, Utah
Haynes, LaRue, Daughter, 8, Utah, Nebraska, Utah
Haynes, Emma Lou, Daughter, 6, Utah, Nebraska, Utah
Haynes, J. Edward, Son, 3 11/12, Utah, Nebraska, Utah
*Note that "Galbrath, Emma" and "Haynes, Bert" are in the next dwelling/family. Emma is Homer's mom, Bert is Homer's brother. 
Haynes, Homer Hammer (I28)
148 Victor became part of Teller County which was formed in 1899. Family F225
149 Vol. 30
Source (S27)
150 Won 1st place for sock decoration
"I had a fly tying kit at the time and decorated the socks with all kinds of fly tying stuff. Was a lot of fun." 
Knight, Harvey Larry (I3)

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