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Ancestors of Calvin Knight and Maureen Barlow

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Ohio, United States


State/Province : Latitude: 40.2502800, Longitude: -83.0002800


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ella M.  Abt 1874Ohio, United States I1058
2 Naomi  Abt 1837Ohio, United States I992
3 Bone, Hannah  Ohio, United States I971
4 Clark, Nancy G.  Abt 1813Ohio, United States I544
5 Dunfee, Charles T.  Aug 1896Ohio, United States I973
6 Dunfee, Elizabeth  Abt 1902Ohio, United States I975
7 Dunfee, James William  Sep 1864Ohio, United States I968
8 Dunfee, Mabel  Abt 1905Ohio, United States I976
9 Dunfee, Paul E.  Sep 1898Ohio, United States I974
10 Dunfee, Viola  Abt 1908Ohio, United States I977
11 Ely, Bertha M.  Abt 1866Ohio, United States I995
12 Ely, Emma S.  Abt 1860Ohio, United States I994
13 Ely, Henrietta  Abt 1855Ohio, United States I964
14 Ely, John H.  Abt 1862Ohio, United States I997
15 Ely, Mary J.  Abt 1858Ohio, United States I993
16 Ely, Ruth E.  Abt 1868Ohio, United States I996
17 Finch, Thomas W.  9 Aug 1832Ohio, United States I343
18 Hall, Betty Jane  Abt Sep 1917Ohio, United States I1056
19 Hall, Robert C.  Abt 1922Ohio, United States I1057
20 Harris, Cora G.  Jul 1873Ohio, United States I969
21 Hawk, George W.  Dec 1843Ohio, United States I1267
22 Jenkins, Chloe  Nov 1881Ohio, United States I1016
23 Jenkins, Clara H.  Oct 1879Ohio, United States I1012
24 Jenkins, George A.  May 1874Ohio, United States I1010
25 Jenkins, John H.  Oct 1875Ohio, United States I1011
26 Jenkins, Lorena H.  Feb 1870Ohio, United States I1009
27 Jenkins, Martha J.  21 Aug 1867Ohio, United States I1008
28 Jenkins, Mattie  Aug 1871Ohio, United States I1015
29 Jenkins, Virginia Anna  Abt 1866Ohio, United States I1007
30 Johnson, Samuel L.  28 Apr 1889Ohio, United States I984
31 Johnson, Sarah S.  Abt 1879Ohio, United States I986
32 Johnson, Stella May  11 May 1910Ohio, United States I1580
33 Johnson, Virginia  Abt 1917Ohio, United States I1577
34 Kepper, Allie Mary  Abt 1855Ohio, United States I1279
35 Larison, Charles E.  Jun 1853Ohio, United States I1606
36 Mansfield, Sarah  Abt 1825Ohio, United States I1042
37 Miller, Blanche V.  Dec 1880Ohio, United States I571
38 Myers, Amanda  Abt 1851Ohio, United States I1037
39 Myers, Catherine  Abt 1846Ohio, United States I1036
40 Myers, David  Abt 1833Ohio, United States I1031
41 Myers, George  Abt 1840Ohio, United States I1035
42 Myers, Jermma  Abt 1832Ohio, United States I1030
43 Myers, Jonathan  Abt 1837Ohio, United States I1033
44 Myers, Martha  Abt 1834Ohio, United States I1032
45 Myers, Sanson  Abt 1855Ohio, United States I1038
46 Myers, Sarah Jane  Abt 1848Ohio, United States I1027
47 Myers, Wesley  Abt 1839Ohio, United States I1034
48 Packer, Star  Ohio, United States I970
49 Pierce, Alexander  Abt 1852Ohio, United States I1045
50 Pierce, Amos  Abt 1867Ohio, United States I1052

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Berlin, Viola H.  24 Feb 1990Ohio, United States I1480

Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID 
1 Finch, David A  Oct 1873Ohio, United States I567
2 Haynes, Amos S.  Jun 1854Ohio, United States I388

Military Service

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military Service    Person ID 
1 Haynes, William Ernest  2 Feb 1912Ohio, United States I967

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